emoji story

One day Gordon Ramsay got so tired of making salsa that he decided to watch salsa dancing instead he instantly fell in love with the beautiful salsa dancer her name was Spicy Jalapeno Allison Jones Jr The Third.( you have to capitalize every word in her name, she gets mad if you don’t.) He was determined to make her see how much he loved her. He learned how to salsa dance, and then he asked her to dance. She was at a loss for words! His performance was terrible but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings so she tried to think of the nicest way possible to tell him he sucked. She finally decided that he could handle the truth, no sugar coating it. She walked up to him he had a huge smile on his face, but that changed real quick when she said, “You are the biggest disgrace to dancing I’ve ever seen.” His face got beet red, he was so embarrassed so he went to the nearest trash can and hid, he hid there for hours and hours. Eventually the dance studio closed for the night and the janitor took out the trash. Little did the janitor know that Gordon Ramsay was inside. He woke up realizing that he was moving. he panicked he climbed out of the trash only to find out that he was on a never ending ski lift! so there he sat wasting the rest of his days sitting and waiting, hoping that one day maybe just maybe the ski lift would stop. I got my random emojis using  http://byrdseed.com/emoji/

My commenting experience

This week I commented on 2 blogs and, it was kind of hard because you have to think is it a good comment.

I tried to make sure I was finding people that actually had similar interests to me. It also got a little difficult because one of my comments posted twice, oops. I tried to include a compliment about something I liked about there blog, something about a similar interest, and I introduced myself. If you want to check out there blogs go to,

Ashlyns blog

Madelyns blog

My avatar

I created my avatar with https://www.bitmoji.com 

My avatar looks really similar to me but in real life my hair has a little bit of a natural red tint to it and my eyes are more of a greenish color but sometimes my eyes change color (idk how). I chose my features based on my features. I have wavy reddish brown hair, and eyes that are usually greenish grey with some brown in them. My avatar is wearing pastel pink because it is my favorite color besides gold.

This is what my avatar looks like  ( I gave two examples of my avatar your’e welcome)


A Poem is

They say a picture is worth a thousand words


A poem is worth more

Sure it has words

Possibly it has structure

Just like a picture a poem is a memory

A poem is full of hope

That maybe one day lots of people will see it

A poem is a sweet song without music

They say a picture is worth a thousand words


A poem is worth a million hopes and dreams